Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pioneer Park Stormwater Management Project

The Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, created a stormwater management park to collect and treat runoff as well as provide flood and erosion protection to neighbouring communities. Originally built in the 1980's, Pioneer Park treated runoff from 26 ha of residential development. Redesigned in 2009/2010, the improved stormwater management park now provides water quality and quantity services to a 740 ha catchment area.

The park consists of a wet pond to treat runoff from everyday rain events, a dry pond to collect and treat runoff from major, intense rainfall events, an oil grit separator for pre-treatment and a channel for fish passage. This project was a 2010 winner of Insurance Bureau of Canada's Watershed Awards.

The completed stormwater management park. Photo: www.rmconstruction.ca
Under construction in 2010. Photo: www.rmconstruction.ca
Check out this great video to learn more about how Pioneer Park was created and the many environmental and economic benefits it provides to the Town of Richmond Hill. This video was provided by Insurance Bureau of Canada.


  1. Having such an ecological treatment system is truly wonderful! This is a brilliant idea because it made the area attractive, and since this storm management project is visible to people, it raises public awareness on management practices that help in protecting the community.

  2. That’s good news for the people of Richmond Hill, Ontario! Storm water, when collected and reused properly, can be a big help to the residents. Harvesting and transferring the storm water not only helps community development, but it also reduces the possibility of flooding.

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