Thursday, 20 February 2014

Rain Garden Workshop Follow Up- Resources

Whether you were able to attend the Rain Garden Planning Workshop this past Tuesday evening or not, we think you'll find the resources we discussed very useful if you do decide to plan and build a rain garden in 2014.

Call Before You Dig
We talked about the importance of locating buried infrastructure such as gas and water lines. This is often called "Call Before You Dig." Here in Halifax, you'll need the following information:

Heritage Gas: 1-866-313-3030
Halifax Water: Go here to download, fill out and submit the Locates Request Form. Only call to follow up once the form has been submitted.
Bell Aliant: 1-800-332-3333

Rain Garden Guides
Once you're sure you are not going to hit anything important while digging, you can get on to siting and planning your garden. We talked about siting considerations, determining the rain catchment area, soil type, slope and sizing of rain gardens. There are many great rain garden handbooks and manuals freely available online. A good one should discuss all of these factors in detail. The ones below are thorough and clear with great diagrams. 

The Vermont Rain Garden Manual “Gardening to Absorb the Storm”
Rain Garden Layouts from Maine from Maine Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual found here
The New Jersey Rain Garden Manual

Evergreen Native Plant Database
Many of the plants listed in them will be relevant, but we recommend using the Evergreen Native Plant Database Advanced Search function to determine whether a plant is native to Nova Scotia. You can also use it to sort other plant characteristics like colour, sun and soil preferences, and uses such as wildlife habitat creation or property shading. 

Useful Books Available at the Halifax Public Libraries
Best Garden Plants for Atlantic Canada by Duncan Kelbough and Alison Beck|library/m/halifax-horizon|1558998

Creating Rain Gardens by Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and Apryl Uncapher|library/m/halifax-horizon|1766234

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