Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Retrofit Site Assessment - The George Dixon Community Centre

As part of our stormwater management workshop in Halifax last week, participants took part in a half day field trip to visit three candidate sites for our upcoming stormwater retrofit project. The field trip was led by Dr. Jiri Marsalek of Environment Canada (Burlington). In this video, Dr. Marsalek discusses the opportunities and limitations to improve stormwater management at the George Dixon Community Centre.

The purpose of our retrofit project will be to reduce the volume, rate and pollutant load of stormwater runoff by increasing infiltration, storage, evapotranspiration, water capture and water reuse on-site. This will be accomplished by implementing a range of Best Management Practices (BMPs). The site will use interpretive panels and signage to educate visitors on the various tools that have been applied. This project will begin in April 2012.

Videos of the other two candidate sites will follow. We'd love to hear which location you think should become Nova Scotia's first stormwater demonstration site.

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